Attach/Detach/Towing script [ESX,QB]

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Attach/Detach/Towing script [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Attach/Detach/Towing script [ESX,QB]

A man stands beside a car with a bike attached to it. The image relates to the Attach/Detach/Towing script [ESX,QB].

Attach/Detach/Towing script [ESX,QB]

With this resource, you can provide players with the ability to tow vehicles, complete with toggleable features, customization options, and a user-friendly interface. Whether it’s attaching, detaching, or managing the towing process, this script enhances the towing experience on your server. πŸš—πŸ”—πŸŒŸ

🌐 Customization Options:
Toggleable Line: Show a line to indicate the vehicle you are interacting with.
Chat Message Instructions: Provide on-screen instructions on how to move vehicles around.
Attachment Black/Whitelist: Control which vehicles can be attached or specify a blacklist.
Complete Whitelist: Allow complete control over which vehicles can and cannot be towed.
Max Number of Attached Vehicles: Limit the number of vehicles attached to one tow vehicle.
Max Attachment Distance: Set the maximum distance from tow vehicles that other vehicles can be attached.

Attachment Positioning Speed: Control how fast or slow the attachment positioning occurs.
Drive-On Confirmation (/attach driveon): Option to confirm the position by driving vehicles onto the towing vehicle.

πŸ’‘ Usage:
Go up to a vehicle and type /attach or /attach driveon.
Select the tow vehicle, and then select the vehicle to be towed with the Enter key.
Follow on-screen instructions to position the vehicle.
Repeat for as many vehicles as you’d like to attach.
When ready to detach, type /detach near a tow vehicle, and vehicles will detach in the reverse order they were attached.

πŸ› οΈ Requirements:
Ensure compatibility with your existing server framework.
Implement the Attach/Detach Script Towing in your FIVEM GTA server to enhance the towing experience, providing players with realistic and customizable options for attaching and detaching vehicles!

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