Starter Pack System [ESX,QB]

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Starter Pack System [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Starter Pack System [ESX,QB]

"Image of the Starter Pack System [ESX,QB] game, featuring an esk8 theme."

Starter Pack System [ESX,QB]

Advanced Starter Pack System for FiveM

This resource provides an advanced starter pack system for FiveM servers utilizing QBCore and ESX Frameworks.

New players on your FiveM server can receive freebies with this resource. You can configure which items you would like to give to the new players.


  • Language Configuration: Set the language for notifications.
  • Debug Mode: Toggle debug messages in the console.
  • Integration Options:
    • Target Resource: Choose between ‘ox_target’ and ‘qb-target’.
    • Inventory Resource: Choose between ‘ox_inventory’, ‘qb-inventory’, and ‘ps-inventory’.
    • SQL Resource: Choose between ‘oxmysql’, ‘mysql-async’, and ‘ghmattimysql’.
  • Command Usage: Enable or disable the command to give starter packs to players.
  • Customizable Starter Pack:
    • Define items and quantities to be given to new players.
    • Set up a designated NPC with customizable appearance and location for players to receive their starter pack.
  • Starter Vehicle Option: Provide a starter vehicle to players with customizable options such as model, fuel level, and teleportation.
  • LegacyFuel Compatibility: Easily integrate with LegacyFuel to manage vehicle fuel levels.
  • Notification System: Customizable notification system based on server framework (ESX or QBCore).
  • Includes built-in Discord logging.
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