Reloading System [ESX]



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Reloading System [ESX]

 A close-up image of a reloading system for firearms, showing bullets being loaded into a magazine.


Reloading System [ESX]

  • 0.00-0.01 MS Idle / 0.05- 0.06 with weapon in hand TOP MAX
  • This script will give your players a much more enjoyable and interactive reloading experience.
  • Players will be able to reload using the R Button if you have the item and its cappeable to only the clip.
  • You can configurate if you want to enable or disable the Weapon melee hit pressing R
  • Players can’t reload if they still have ammo in their weapon, they can only press R when they don’t have bullets (1 or less)
  • You can create and assign to every weapon in existance a ammo clip, just in the config file
  • You can add a custom notification in the config file
  • EN/ES Translations available!

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