Police Tools [ESX,QB]

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Police Tools [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Police Tools [ESX,QB]

Night and thermal police tools displayed. [ESX,QB]

Police Tools [ESX,QB]


  • Helmets
    • Night Vision
    • Thermal Vision
    • Synced Flashlights
  • Shields
    • Comes with two default shields, you can add more.
    • You can aim and use weapons while using a shield.
  • Snakecam
    • Peek inside rooms with a snake camera
    • You can set the distance the camera can go.
  • Panic Button
    • Call for backup by using the /panic command.
    • You can also call for backup by using the item.
    • Requiring the panic item is enabled when the item is.
  • Bodycam
    • Overlay that has real-life time running.
    • Settings auto-save when changed.
  • Emergency Alert System
    • Group & Item Support is available.
    • Text-To-Speech Reading of the Alert Message (due to limitations with CEF, seems that english is the only language supported when speaking, written still works without it).

Supported Frameworks

  • ESX 1.1+ & Legacy
  • QBCore
  • Standalone

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