Ghost Hunting [ESX,QB]

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Ghost Hunting [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality | FiveM Scripts

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Ghost Hunting [ESX,QB]

A video game computer screen displaying a restaurant scene from "Food Making [ESX,QB]".

Ghost Hunting [ESX,QB]

Prepare for the spine-chilling experience of a lifetime as you dive into the most terrifying horror game of FiveM! Face Unimaginable Horror. Enter Lisa’s ancestral home, a place of perpetual dread. Discover its secrets as you descent into madness and despair. Can you escape and survive the relentless pursuit?

Be careless and fall victim to its curse. Be too cautious and get caught by its owner. One thing is sure, SHE is here for you.


• Immersive Horror Game Experience, that will surely scare the —- out of your players!
• Playable in both First-Person and Third-Person (Selected at the Start Menu).
• Customized PED/Animation, UI and Props!
• TERRIFYING Sound Effects and Ambient Noises!
• Highly optimized script.
• Configurable item locations & reward for finishing the hunt.
• Find items hidden to lift the curse and escape.
• Hide in random lockers placed through out the house.
• Can be triggered only at peak night time. 10pm-3am

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