Food Making [ESX,QB]

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Food Making [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality | FiveM store

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Food Making [ESX,QB]

Food Making [ESX,QB]

Food Making [ESX,QB]

🍔 Experience the Ultimate Food Making Script in FiveM! 🍔

Are you ready to serve up delicious burgers in your FiveM server? Look no further! Our **Advanced Food Making Script** brings excitement, immersion, and engaging roleyplay to your server. Whether you’re running an ESX or QB framework, specially when your running BUSINESSES this script has got you covered!


  • Advanced Food Making Mechanic: Dive into the world of food crafting with intricate mechanics.
  • Customizable Settings: Add your own ingredients/addons to be placed on your burger/sandwich.
  • Increased Roleplay Opportunities: Interact with customers’ custom order, give them their actual order exactly as they want it to be.
    “Triple Patty, extra cheese, a little ketchup, with pickles, no mayo and smothered with onions? No problem!”d9fcaed82596021e726d27a650706054622b7c3f.gif
  • Make Food Anywhere: Configurable locations, jobs and command.
  • Draw3DText, qb-target and ox-target compatible.
  • Functional Dining: Replenish your hunger/thirst depending on the ingredients. The more ingredients, the more time it will take to consume but you’ll be more satisfied.
  • Make Some Combos! Add some addons to your meal, a drink, and some french fries. You can also add more addons in the config!
  • Optional Item Based Ingredients: Require the ingredient in your inventory before placing it.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy smooth features without compromising server performance.

Make your SERVER BUSINESSES more immersive! 🌟

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