Advanced Animal Riding [QB]



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Advanced Animal Riding [QB]

Advanced Animal Riding [QB]

Advanced Animal Riding [QB]

Script break down: There is a animal training school up in paleto where once a day you can choose to progress on either a cow or a horse. You can choose to progress on both whenever you want but only on 1 a day. For example if i was on my horse day 2 training and my cow day 1 training and i decide to do my cow day 1 training then i can no longer do my horse day two training until it becomes the next irl day. If i fail my training i can keep doing it until i pass for a fee. Doing your training puts you in an instance so you do not conflict with other players. Day 1 training for both animals consist of a custom cutscene then getting on your animal and completing 20 different hurdle jumps with your animal. The only way to fail this is if you or your animal die or if you go too far from the school. If you fall off your animal the previews hurdle you completed will respawn. Completing day 1 training will now give you access to day 2 training for that specific animal you did your training with. Day 2 training consist of a custom cutscene with you and the npc school owner then you racing the npc school owner through 20 checkpoints around the animal school. If you win you pass your day 2 training with that animal. If the npc school owner Arnold wins you have a failing cutscene and you can retry whenever you want for a fee. Day 3 consist of a custom cutscene of you and your animal coming together and then you choosing to pet your animal, feed your animal, or clean your animal. You need to do each of these 3 options to move on to the final race up mount chiliad with Arnold completing your final day of training. If you win this final race you can now purchase that animal and call it to come to you wherever you are with the /whistle command.

This completely configurable script consists of:

● Config you can adjust!

● Very big school script for training the animals.

● Many custom mechanics.

● Very very smooth animal movement.

● Ability to jump with the animal.

● Ability to run or walk with the animal.

● Skill check to hold on to your animal if its been in the air too long.

● 3 days of animal training that you need to finish to unlock the ability to purchasing the animal.

● Progression for each animal is separate.

● The ability to purchase and call your animal from anywhere.

● Custom cutscenes for each training mission.

● Ability to own and train a horse and cow.

● Custom NPC races during the animal training.

● 0.00 resmon when not riding the animal and 0.01 when riding the animal

● Every check you can think of!

Requirements consist of:


qb-menu or ps-ui

qb-input or ps-ui

Video Preview

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