UI to interact with your vehicle [ESX]



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UI to interact with your vehicle [ESX]

 UI to interact with your vehicle [ESX]

✧ BIG redesign of the user interface
✧ New main menu with:
╚ Integrated map for select a new waypoint, see the current waypoint and the current position
╚ Ability to drag, zoom and change the map view from Atlas to Satellite
╚ Upcoming weather of the map
╚ New fuel and speed circles indicators
╚ Two buttons to directly open and close the trunk and the car
✧ New features in the music app:
╚ Save and remove your favorite songs directly from the app
╚ See the artist name of the songs
╚ The music now doesn’t depend only on Youtube links but also other sites
✧ You can now select the color of your headlights
✧ New application Status:
╚ You can check the current status of your car (Engine temperature, Oil level, Petrol tank healt, Car body healt, Burst tyres, Dirt level)
╚ Log which prints all the changes with the time of when it happened, you can scroll it to see them all
╚ Config option to disable also this app

### Requirements
– esx_vehicleshop
– esx_mechanicjob

### Installation
1) Drag & drop the complete_carplay into your `resources` server folder.
2) Configure the config file.
3) Import the SQL file into your database.
4) Install and ensure the requirements.
5) Add export on gcphone (see below)
6) Add `start complete_carplay` to your server config.

### GCPhone export
1) Open gcphone folder
2) Open `fxmanifest.lua`
3) Add at the bottom of the file: `export {‘sendMessage’}`


Video Preview

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