Store Robbery [ESX/QB]



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Store Robbery [ESX/QB]

Store Robbery [ESX/QB]


– Optimized (0.00ms when idle)

– Secure & Protected

– Fully synchronized between players

– 6 Safe Hack Minigames Supported

➜ electus_hacking

➜ ultra-voltlab

➜ howdy-hackminigame

➜ datacrack

➜ utk_fingerprint

➜ ps-ui

– Support for the most popular dispatch scripts

➜ qs-dispatch

➜ ps-dispatch

➜ cd_dispatch

– Sounding Alarm

– Rouge Chance (the ped has a configurable chance to shoot and defend the store)

– Configurable Rewards

– Configurable Cooldowns

– 3-erd Target Integration, or native (press E) interactions

– Configurable robbery time

– 10 pre-configured stores

– Blacklisted Jobs


– ox_lib

– OneSync

  • 100% Open Source

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