Skill System [QB]

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Skill System [QB]

Skill System [QB]


Struggling to add progression to your server? Players want something to work towards? our skill system is the ideal solution. Whether you want to build up your strength and become the king of the ring, Get your stamina up so you never get caught by cops again or perfect your drug manufacturing to produce the finest drugs Los Santos has seen, our skill system can accommodate it all. It integrates with the built in GTA skill system for general skills such as shooting, stamina and strength. We also have a built in diving/oxygen tank system. Our custom strength system affects your players damage when punching and using melee weapons, the higher the level the more damage. See the preview for more details on each system.

  • Exports to get players skills on both server and client. Add XP from the server via exports or via client events.
  • Fully Responsive interface created with REACT and Chakra UI.
  • Highly Configurable. Add as many skills as you want via the config. or alternatively you can use exports to register skills from other scripts on server startup. (You do not need to edit the UI etc, new skills will automatically be displayed)
  • Extremely optimised. (0.00-0.02ms on both server and client. does not perform SQL queries every time a player gains XP etc.)
  • Will work with any framework/script if setup correctly. all framework related functions are open-source. (Pre-configured to support ESX and QB)
  • We have many upcoming scripts such as a crafting system, multiplayer jobs etc. They will all integrate seamlessly with our skill system.

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