Simple NPC Interact [ESX,QB]

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Simple NPC Interact [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Simple NPC Interact (Logic Script)

GTA 5: Simple NPC interaction with Low-Spec Bystanders (LSB) in ESX and QB.

Simple NPC Interact (Logic Script) [ESX,QB]

What does it mean to be a logical script?
That it only includes the logic of how a simple NPC Interact system could work, it does not include a magic ui, only a slight configuration of how to use it and it is working to be implemented anywhere and works with oxLib (optional).


:small_blue_diamond:Two Algorithm (native & zone from OxLib)
:small_blue_diamond:Systems adaptable to any framework
:small_blue_diamond:Logical Script
:small_blue_diamond:Multiple languages
:small_blue_diamond:Open Source
:small_blue_diamond:Works with OxLib

Note: The algorithm will be used to detect the player in the area, these can be:

  • ‘native’ : Native functions will be used to check the distance from the NPC to the player. (May slightly affect performance)
  • ‘zone’: The OX library will be used to generate a sphere with a radius and the integrated functions will be used to detect whether or not it is in the zone.

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