Security Camera System [ESX,QB]

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Security Camera System [ESX,QB]

A man standing in front of a door with a sign that reads "ESK - OC - OC Security Camera System"

Security Camera System [ESX,QB]

  • Security Cameras
    • Add as many different cameras as you want
      • By default 3 different types: faulty, default and advanced
    • Items
      • Cameras can be placed by using the camera item
    • Destruction
      • Shooting cameras can destroy them
      • Configure if a cameras can be destroyed
      • Configure if a camera can be repaired (if not, camera will be removed when destroyed)
      • Destroyed cameras will show a black screen when viewing
    • View types
      • Static: Camera view can’t be moved
      • Controllable: Camera view can be moved by a configurable amount
      • 360: 360 view
    • Nightvision
      • Toggle on/off
    • FOV
      • Configure max fov
      • Configure min fov
    • Hacking
      • Allows you to view cameras that you don’t have access to
      • Configure if a camera should be hackable or not
      • Configure a max distance you can be from a camera to hack it
    • Jobs
      • Restrict certain cameras to be placeable by certain jobs only
  • Camera Tablet
    • Shows camera ID, name and distance
    • Search and filter
    • View
      • Toggle camera view
    • Add Access
      • Add access to a certain player (with ID) or a certain job
      • Specify minimum grade for job
      • Players with access are able to view the camera
    • Remove access
      • Remove access from a player or a job
    • Transfer Ownership
      • Transfer ownership of a camera to another player
    • Manage group
      • Cameras in the same group can be switched between when in the camera view
    • Repair
      • Repair camera if it is destroyed
      • Configure max distance for repairing
    • Remove camera
      • Remove camera, you can only remove your own cameras
      • Configure max distance for removing
      • Configure jobs that are able to remove cameras placed by everyone
    • Rename camera
      • Only for camera owner
  • Modern UI
  • Optimised
  • Supports ESXQBCore and also ox_lib

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