Mechanic System V6 [ESX,QB]

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Mechanic System V6 [ESX,QB] | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Mechanic System V6 [ESX,QB]

A powerful and efficient mechanic system with ESX and QB compatibility.

Mechanic System V6 [ESX,QB]

* Customize your vehicle with most detailed choices

* Boss menu for each mechanic, manage employees, edit which rank access any feature of menu. Kick anyone or hire. Set discount rate for parts, set fees, edit name. In short, edit anything you want.

* Usable tuning tablet to change vehicle mode, customize realtime handling, enable neons and xenons

* Synced neons + xenons, choose any color and animate them

* Advanced craft system to create rare items (plate, nitrous, spray)

* Repair tyres, clean vehicle and repair engine with unique minigames

* Customize vehicle wheels, edit camber & offset

* Highly detailed, maximizing gameplay experience

* Smooth, optimized menu (vuejs based)

* 0.0ms at any case, no client-side usage. Server-side is completely optimized

* Supporting 6 different language (If you want you can add yours) –

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