Jester Classic FiveM

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Jester Classic FiveM | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Jester Classic FiveM

A vibrant sports car with sleek design and high performance. Perfect for racing enthusiasts.

Jester Classic FiveM

– 91,842 Polygons
– Using the Original ZR350 Handling for FiveM and SinglePlayer
– Working Dials (Speedometer)

Custom Textures:
– Carbon Fiber
– Chrome


1. Grab The file (FiveM)

2. Create a File in your FiveM Server Labeled (CharlieChap)

3. Drag Inside Contents Of FiveM folder into CharlieChap folder you just made

4. Go into server.cfg

5. find an open line and type “ensure CharlieChap”

6. When you get into the server the spawncode is (CharlieChap)

Video Preview

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Fivem Mlo


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