Illegal GoFast Script [ESX]

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Illegal GoFast Script [ESX]

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Illegal GoFast Script [ESX]

You go to a hidden location ( no blip on the map, no marker shown; the players have to find it by themselves ).
In my example Im using tp’s to reach my location, remove it if you dont want it.
At each player connection there is a 50% chance to get a “mission” ( you can change the odds or make it 100% ~ the players aren’t aware of that ~ )
When you start the mission a blip is created on the map, it’s the vehicle location, you have to get it in time and bring it with no damages. If there are damages, a calculator has been created to get a prize based off the prize that was supposed to be given to the player at 100% vehicle integrity.

Cops can be warned of ongoing missions BUT they can’t interact with the npc giving the mission

The config is quite customizable but you also have access the the whole code if you want to completely change something you dont like ( please dont share it, i spent a lot of time on this haha )

There is not event that can be triggered by unauthorized softwares + the data is set server side, avoiding any data to be dumped ( if a player dumps the script to find the npc location for example )

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