Hud System V13 [QB]



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Hud System V13 [QB]

A car driving down the street in Grand Theft Auto, as seen through the Hud System V13 [QB].

Hud System V13 [QB]


  • Command for toggle the hud visibility (“toggleui”).
  • color mode for the status progress bars.
  • Multiple configuration variables.
  • Percentage limits for some progressbar (healththirst and hungry) to be shown.
  • Armour is only shown when you have more than 0% of armour.
  • Stamina and oxygen are only shown when they are below 100%.
  • Speedometer features: (inspired in the new NoPixel HUD)
    • MPH or KPH
    • RPM
    • Gear
    • Fuel
    • Lights
    • Engine health
    • Lock state.
  • Location and time displayed on gps.
  • Options to disable native hud components.
  • Compatibility with Legacyfuel, ox-fuel and ps-fuel.




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