Garage Robbery [ESX]

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Garage Robbery [ESX]

A screenshot of a garage robbery mod for GTA San Andreas with the additional information "Garage Robbery [ESX]".

Garage Robbery [ESX]

  • Features
    • There are in total over 100 garages you can rob by default
      • There are 4 possible interiors for the garages
      • Garages have a cooldown and you can also add a player specific cooldown for robbing garages
    • You will need a lockpick to rob garages
      • Once you start, there will be a lockpicking minigame
    • Once inside, you’ll need to disable the alarm
      • Disabling the alarm has a minigame
      • If you don’t disable it, police will get an alert
    • You can search different places inside
      • Some places have a minigame and they also have better loot
    • Other players can also enter the garage and loot etc. is synced between players
    • Uses default GTA IPLs and works with OneSync Legacy & Infinity
    • You can change the loot, edit the notification and alerts, change chances for alerts & much more

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