Digital Chat [ESX]



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Digital Chat [ESX]

Digital Chat [ESX]


  • Dynamic Chat Creation
  • Automated Messages
  • Chat Colour and Icon Styling
  • Custom Permissions for each chat
  • Chat is resizable and draggable from the users.
  • Set a chat price in order to send a message (e.g. money,bank,black_money)
  • Anonymous messaging (fully customizable)
  • Instant phone calls and messaging (fully customizable)
  • Set a max message length for each chat
  • Set a custom cooldown for messages
  • Users can change the key that opens the chat
  • Blacklisted Areas in which chatting is forbidden
  • Enable/Disable chats by using the /chat command


  1. Twitter
  2. OOC
  3. Anonymous
  4. Staff Chat
  5. Staff Announce
  6. Police Announce
  7. Ambulance Announce
  8. Job Chat

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