Dialogue system [ESX,QB]

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Dialogue system [ESX,QB]

"Image of the dialogue system in GTA 5 with ESX and QB options."

Dialogue system [ESX,QB]

This system includes a nice user interface, the ability to build dialogues with NPCs, the ability to configure interaction with NPCs only for games with a certain job, you can configure the inclusion of blips on the map, and you can also adjust the length of the options for questions and answers at will!

Note: This version of the script unencrypted, which is not encrypted in any way, which will give you the opportunity to edit it according to your request!  

  • This system works on all versions of ESX, QBCore, as well as STANDALONE!
  • Beautiful user interface!
  • The ability to enable blips on the map!
  • The possibility of infinite question-answer settings!
  • The ability to talk to an NPC only for certain jobs!
  • The ability to mix dialogues between NPCs!
  • You can completely change the user interface at will!
  • Detailed configuration file!
  • Of course support, I’m ready to help you!

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