Community Service [ESX,QB]

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Community Service FiveM | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

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Community Service [ESX,QB]

 A jail cell with a sign that says "Community Service [ESX,QB]".

Community Service [ESX,QB]

Enhance your GTA5 gaming experience with our ESX and QB community service scripts for FiveM. These scripts allow players to engage in various community service activities within the game, adding a new level of realism and immersion.


  • :rocket:Ā Performance-oriented design.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise:Ā Reliable and consistent functionality.
  • :gear:Ā Utilizes ox_lib for seamless integration.
  • :memo:Ā Input and confirmation screens for setting community service tasks.
  • :package:Ā Items stored in a stash for players until they complete the required tasks.

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