Car Boosting (Leveling System) [ESX,QB]

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Car Boosting (Leveling System) [ESX,QB]

Car Boosting (Leveling System) [ESX,QB]


  • Car boosting is a script that mainly involves killing, hacking, stealing, and some escape with drivebys. This script attracts the players due to its being mainly level and reward-based. People will unlock more levels with better rewards; with these rewards, they can purchase some exclusive stuff from shops. The leveling system integrated into this script is global, which makes it fun to grind. Most of the information is available in the preview, please go through it.
  • Features

    • This script is something new to offer in the FiveM community, it offers to kill, shoot, and hack within a time limit.
    • It is just not any heist/mission it’s based on leveling system players will have to grind for unlocking new levels which will keep your server busy.
    • This script is made to create more interaction in the server that’s why we made it in this way where 2 or more players can do the car orders together. Single players can do it as well but with some risk.
    • Police will get a notification/tracker which can be turned off by the 2nd player via hacking and can be configured according to your server’s needs.
    • Everything in this script is easily configurable it’s all according to you and your server’s needs.* The hack we used in this script is not ours so we do not include it, it can be easily changed according to your guy’s needs, by default mHacking will be given.
    • Nothing is obfuscated so you guys can have fun around with the script without any worries.
    • After reaching a certain level. The players still have the option to choose and play the previous levels and they will receive their previous perks accordingly without affecting their main level as it will be stored in the database.
    • We have included an exclusive boosting shop from where players can purchase some goods from the perks they earned from the car orders, it is also configurable according to the server needs.
    • The target is not necessary if you guys do not use it you can just put a “no” in the config. (We made events so that you can easily integrate that into your bt-target as everyone uses a different target system.)
    • Overall this script fits the category of an all-in-one script which is fun, includes grind, and with exclusive rewards and a shop.
    • This script allows you to create unlimited levels according to your server’s needs.
    • This script has One sync infinity support as well
    • How to add/configure this script?

      • This script has been made easily configurable due to the advanced config file included. You guys will not need to mess around with the code a lot to implement this on your server. For example, if you guys do not use the target on your server, you just need to put “no” in the config(We made events so that you can easily integrate that into your bt-target as everyone uses a different target system.). You can also change the rewards, XP, and everything according to your needs. Adding the script is easy as well just start and run, 0 errors should be there, and even if you guys encounter any what are we for reach us out.

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