Burglary system [ESX,QB]

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Burglary system [ESX,QB]

Image of the ESX100Core Burglary System game with ESX and QB features.

Burglary system [ESX,QB]

This system will allow you to engage in burglary and get items, money, anything for it. During a robbery, an alarm is triggered that warns the police about the crime, you need to hurry up to take everything away!)

The system is very easy to set up!

  • Unique lockpick minigame included!
  • 100 pre-installed houses with burglary !
  • The ability to set animations to your actions!
  • Flexible configuration of functionality!
  • The ability to turn on/off NUI minigames!
  • Camera system for police!
  • The ability to install shells at your request*
  • Level system for items with a chance of falling out!
  • The ability to enable/disable blips
  • A huge opportunity to customize the resource according to your desire!

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