Bar Job / Restaurant Job [ESX]

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Bar Job / Restaurant Job [ESX]

Two job postings for a bar and restaurant position in ESX.

Bar Job / Restaurant Job [ESX]

  • Features
    • By default, coords are set up for the Tequila interior
      • You can however very easily add as many different restaurants / bars as you want just by using the config
    • Cloakrooms
      • Add as many cloakrooms as you want for each job
      • Add as many outfits as you want in the config
    • Boss menu
    • Storages
      • Add as many storages as you want for each job
      • Each storage has its own items
      • Events are secured
      • You can store money, black money, items and weapons (weapon ammo will also save)
    • Garages
      • Add as many garages as you want for each job
      • You can either use society garages or default vehicle spawner garages
        • Add as many vehicles for the garage as you want (you can also configure a min grade needed to use the vehicle)
      • Add spawnpoints for vehicles, if none are free, you can’t take out a vehicle
    • Job Actions Menu
      • Billing
      • Crafting
        • By default you can craft 4 different cocktails and 6 different pizzas
        • You can easily add more craftable items in the config and you can specify them in groups
        • You can also add crafting areas where you need to be to craft items
      • NPC Deliveries
        • You can deliver the different items your bar / restaurant can make to NPCs
        • Upon starting, you will get a random item and a random location where you will have to deliver that item
        • Once you deliver the item, you will get a configurable amount of money
    • Serving Drinks & Foods
      • You can add “serving spots” in the config where the employees of the bar will be able to place an item and then the item will appear on the table (with a prop)
      • Customers can then take those items for themself from the table
    • Eating / Drinking System
      • Comes with a built in eating / drinking system
      • Over 10 different drinks and foods that you can eat / drink
      • Includes animation
      • You need to press E to eat / drink the item after you have used it
      • You can also drop the item by pressing Y
    • Comes with 32 food / drink items including images for them
    • Well-optimised compared to the default esx bar / restaurant jobs
    • English and finnish locales
    • Highly configurable and easy to use

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