Advanced Police System [ESX,QB]

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Advanced Police System [ESX,QB]

Advanced Police System [ESX,QB]

Advanced Police System ESX/QB FrameWork


Hands up:

  • Keybind that can be changed in the pause menu settings (default: X).
  • Click once to put hands up.
  • Hold for ~3 seconds to put hands up and kneel.
  • Click once to cancel.


  • Unique zipties & cuffs props.
  • Unique zipties & cuff sounds for both applying and removing them.
  • Animation for normal cuffing & aggressive cuffing.
  • Normal cuffing occurs when a player has their hands up standing.
  • Aggressive cuffing occurs when the player has their hands up and kneeling, or when not having their hands up at all.
  • Cuffs can be used when hands are not up, zipties require player to have hands up.
  • Front & back cuff/ziptie animations for normal cuffing.
  • Aggressive cuffing will prompt the target player with a minigame; if they complete it, they cancel the cuffing animation and can run away.
  • Uncuffing requires handcuffkey items, and cutting zipties requires tools items, which is also used for hot-wiring in NDCore.


  • Players can only be dragged when cuffed/ziptied.
  • Person dragging will play an animation holding the player being dragged.
  • Person being dragged will have their legs animated when the dragging player walks/runs.
  • Uncuffing/removing zipties will release the player from being dragged.


  • Shooting will drop ammo casings on the ground around the player.
  • Projectile item will be created where the bullet hits.
  • Items for casing and projectile are different per ammo type.


  • When the player shoots, they get GSR on them, which lasts for 15 minutes (configurable).
  • If the player stays in water for 1 minute (configurable), GSR will be washed away.
  • Police can test players for GSR using ox_target.

Clothing lockers:

  • Lockers and locker items are created in data/locker_rooms.lua.
  • Access to a locker or each item within a locker can be set in data/locker_rooms.lua.
  • Use /getclothing (NDCore Command) to copy the clothing to the clipboard and paste in data/clothing.lua.

Police shield:

  • When in inventory, the player runs slower, and the shield will be attached to the players back.
  • When the item is used, the player will play animation and put the shield in front of them, protecting them from bullets.


  • Ignored jobs can be set, meaning if a player has that job, they won’t trigger the shotspotter.
  • Ignored weapons can be set, meaning if a player is shooting that weapon, it won’t trigger the shotspotter.
  • Shotspotter will not be triggered if the player is using a suppressor.
  • Shotspotters range/locations can be set in data/shotspotter.lua

Spike strips:

  • Animations for spike strips.
  • Animation for player deploying.
  • If the player has one spike strip item, it will be deployed.
  • If the player has more than one spike strip item, then a menu will pop up asking how many they wish to use.


  • Police can impound any vehicle, and it will be deleted.
  • If using NDCore police will be able to select the amount to charge for players to reclaim an impounded vehicle.

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