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Admin Duty V3 [ESX,QB]

Admin Duty V3 [ESX,QB]: A screenshot of the Admin Duty V3 script interface for the ESX and QB frameworks.

Admin Duty V3 [ESX,QB]

The script Contains:

  • Adminduty script
  • Discord_rest script
  • Readme.txt (Here you can find all useful information on how to install without starting the installation)


  • It requests your rank and name from Discord Admin logo up your head Admin statistics(Who writes how many times you used the selected command, Admin service time)
  • 3 Admin ranks (Moderator, Admin, Superadmin) – But you can add as many as you like
  • For any command, you can set which admin you know from.
  • For any command, you can set whether or not you can use it as an admin service.
  • Anything can be edited in config.lua!
  • Discord login
  • Ban list
  • Admin help (List all commands)

Take control of your GTA5 server with Admin Duty V3, the most powerful FiveM police script yet! With new features like real-time player monitoring, enhanced ban commands, and more immersive police RP, this mod is the perfect way to administer justice in your city.


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