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NoPixel 3.5 V2 [Latest 2024] Full Server

NoPixel 3.5 V2 [Latest 2024] Full Server

Hi, everyone after the huge success of the Nopixel 3.5 full server we are excited to announce that we are working on NoPixel 3.5 V2 [2024 Version] and is almost completed and this is the best fully optimized framework based on qbcore in the market it inspired by nopixel. We are working on this framework very hard to ensure that it has zero errors and glitches But we are still in testing phase and that’s why we are hiring TESTERS. Testers will get GOD Powers, so they can spawn any items, spawn cash, and Teleport anywhere. oh wait there is a super duper easy-to-access Admin Menu in the game so you don’t need to remember any spawn codes etc, Every single items, cars list, weapon list and everything is in a super admin menu.

Testers will get some extra discount 

Join Discord for previews or anything you want to ask about this server, Test server IP , anything else just join discord we are waiting for your. Cheers.

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Here are some sneak peek from the server

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